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From Wall Street to Main Street

Achieving goals while balancing work and professional lives

University Education

In today’s world of higher education, undergraduate and graduate students have many options when selecting their field and institution of study.


Universities are challenged to achieve the appropriate balance between full-time faculty and Adjunct professors. The Adjunct’s role is to bring the real-world, along with professional teaching ability, into the classroom. This means sharing managerial tools and leadership skills from years of practical business experience. Hence, the term “pracademician” best fits Professor Michael Hagy.


Professor Hagy demands that his work stays “green and growing,” always relevant to the students, and ensures a real return on their investment of time and tuition. As an Adjunct teaching at three universities, selected courses in Professor Hagy’s professorial portfolio include:


Philadelphia University: teaching these graduate and undergraduate programs in the School of Business Administration at Kanbar College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce:

·         Strategic Insight & Implementation (Capstone)                        IMBA-642

·         Managing Innovative People & Teams                                        IMBA-602

·         Management Communications & the Art of Negotiation         MBA-625 

·         Entrepreneurship                                                                            MBA-759

·         Strategic Marketing Management                                                 MBA-632)

·         Principles of Management                                                             BA-301

·         Management Foundations                                                             BA-104


Temple University: teaching these undergraduate programs in the Engineering Department, as well as the Fox School of Business and Management:

·         Technology Transformations                                                          MME-843

·         Global Business Policies (Capstone)                                           BA-4101


Post University: designed and teaching this online graduate course for Philadelphia University’s School of Business Administration at Kanbar College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce:

·         Management Concepts                                                                   IMBA-600


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