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From Wall Street to Main Street

Achieving goals while balancing work and professional lives

Strategic Planning

Healthy pursuit of organizational development includes an examination of systems and processes, combined with human resource development needs.  Pinnacle Performance Group teaches a common sense approach that is customized to your company’s unique requirements and culture to achieve optimum results.

We encourage Clients to focus their organizational managers on improving the cyclic nature of work that must be accomplished along the company’s “critical path.”  If an organization does something over and over -- for example, provides a service or product to internal or external customers -- then the people within the organization should get very good at the process.  Concurrently, process owners must ensure that they are working to add value to the critical path products or services that their customers want and need.  Along the way: 

             1.  Leaders, managers and followers must relate their own work contributions to the “critical path.”  Consequently, they will be able to make decisions faster and with greater reliability, thereby increasing the company's competitive edge.

             2. Leaders and managers must apply a common sense strategy to provide a superior foundation for evaluating progress and making mid-course adjustments.  

In both business and support functions, Pinnacle teaches leaders and managers how to:

·         Identify their individual cycle of work;

·         Find practical solutions to today's organizational challenges;

·         Deliver the service or product that meets and exceeds customer requirements;

·         Ask for and apply the right data to make correct decisions; and

·         Implement performance enhancements to measure success. 

Some of the services Pinnacle delivers in Organizational Development include:

            Change Management Strategies        Strategic Planning and Business Planning

            Leadership Development                    Probation for Performance Improvement

            Conflict Management                           Effective Communication Skills                                      

            Succession Planning and Legacies     Teamwork Skills Enhancements


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