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From Wall Street to Main Street

Achieving goals while balancing work and professional lives

Group Dynamics

Every team, whether it is project-centered or an existing management group, begins a new assignment with optimism.  Yet nearly every team encounters problems, conflicts and changing priorities that affect desired outcomes.  In today's work world, teams must be able to work cohesively, with clear goals and results-oriented leadership.  The ability to harness the collective talent of the organization's experts is the key to surviving in this era of intense competition.

 Pinnacle's approach to team building recognizes that the mature and effective team is painstakingly built.  We help teams to: understand the importance of situational leadership, recruit suitable members, build team commitment, work in a constructive climate, clarify roles, develop effective work methods, critique without rancor, contribute to individual development, capture creative strength and seek positive inter-group relationships.

Leaders can expect the effective team to:

·        Creatively manage complex situations within existing resources. 

·        Be highly motivated and respond quickly while delivering high-quality decisions. 

·        Build a climate that is highly positive, avoiding the anxiety of one fearful of change.

Pinnacle Performance Group Provides Teams:

·         Customized Team Building Sessions

·         Meeting Mechanics and Facilitation

·         Customized Team Training

·         Process improvement tools and methods      

·         Project definition and resource identification

·         Productive meetings and effective record keeping  

·         Setting goals, collecting data and measuring success

·         Presenting results to management in a project report

·         Communicating with the team, leaders and colleagues

·         Productively surfacing, managing and resolving conflict

·         Monitoring progress and reaching closure for completed projects


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