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From Wall Street to Main Street

Achieving goals while balancing work and professional lives

Family Business

Family-owned and operated businesses are the mainstay of American business. Their decision to take risks, strive for growth, and hire new employees actually impacts our economy more than the Fortune 2000.  Family businesses must become more entrepreneurial to create a new competitive advantage in their existing marketplace. 

Family members must demonstrate that their actions not only preserve the wealth invested by their families, but drive the company toward growth and long-term sustainability. In order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage, ownership must become entrepreneurial in their thinking. We coach owners to explore their opportunities, weigh their risks, and determine the courses of action that supports efforts to achieve the vision.  

The activities undertaken by these internal entrepreneurs, (we call them “intrapreneurs”) to reinvigorate a mature business highlights the importance of their decision-making processes in shaping the next generation of a family business.

Our dedication to your family and its business is focused on these most important issues and opportunities:

·         Coaching the ownership in leading the organization in their desired strategic direction;

·         Identifying the opportunity of adding outside professionals to the management team;

·         Providing tools to outside professionals to successfully operate in a family business;

·         Assisting in the selection of outside professionals to join the management team;

·         Coaching new family members to successfully integrate into the company;

·         Supporting in the transition of leadership from one generation to the next; and

·         Bridging the process of transferring ownership between family members.


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