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From Wall Street to Main Street

Achieving goals while balancing work and professional lives

Executive Coaching


Every organization that cares about its own future discovers that it needs leaders at every level and in all functional areas.  There are two ways to get these leaders: hire them or develop them.  When Pinnacle designs a professional development portfolio for Chief Executive Officers, their senior executives or senior managers, we focus on the following:  

·         The organization’s stated mission and values;

·         The knowledge that the people within the company genuinely wish to improve their performance; and

·         The recognition that “star” employees establish the performance and behavioral standards for the organization and its people. 

Pinnacle helps clients develop more effective leadership traits through:

Discovery  -- The Individual:

·         Confirming his or her own strengths and recognizing their potential for excess;

·         Discovering triggers for stress and his or her style of managing conflicts;

·         Understanding his or her approach to interpersonal relationships;

·         Capitalizing on his or her strengths to be more effective; and

·         Understanding how his or her actions impact others.

Communications -- With Another Key Person

·         Learning new relationship strategies to help communicate with and positively influence key people in his or her life; and

·         Improving conflict management, even when the other person is not available, or not amenable to working on the relationship. 

Teamwork -- With Others in a Group

·         Identifying and managing people’s diverse strengths and personal orientations;

·         Capitalizing on the mix of strengths in a team or work group;

·         Recognizing and expanding their unique contributions in a group; and

·         Helping them to work more effectively with people with different approaches.


Pinnacle uses Executive Coaching, and Peer Leadership Coaching© to assist leaders and managers among some of America's most respected companies and organizations.  Participants receive confidential consultation based on professional development needs.  Since the programs are administered on-site over a period of months, participants and the organization enjoy enduring results.  Typical outcomes from these programs include enhanced individual performance, more effective teamwork, better communications, improved conflict resolution and greater sensitivity to the needs of others.

Executive Coaching is designed for the senior level individual who is ready to examine new ways to develop his or her professional career skills.  Using self-discovery and 360° feedback, we focus on helping the executive improve leadership and relationship-management skills, communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts and manage stress. 

Peer Leadership Coaching© is a process by which internal teams of peers at the same organizational level are partnered as internal consultants.  Guided by Pinnacle’s Educator/Coach, an intensive training curriculum is developed which includes self-discovery, 360° feedback, interpersonal communications, conflict management and individualized action planning with measured results.  During the program, participants select real-world work issues they'd like to resolve, or an opportunity they'd like to pursue.  Because each person’s program is customized to the individual’s needs, the types of issues addressed may vary.  Historically, some of the issues addressed have included:

Improving Professional Relationships  ¨  Conflict Resolution  ¨  Stress Management  ¨  Career Planning  ¨  Effective Decision Making  ¨  Hiring and Interviewing Skills ¨  Management Style Training  ¨  Effective Meeting Mechanics  ¨  Time Management  ¨  Listening and Feedback  ¨  Delegation Skills  ¨  Assertiveness  ¨  Succession Planning ¨


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