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From Wall Street to Main Street

Achieving goals while balancing work and professional lives

Corporate University

Inspired leadership and effective management are fundamental for the successful operation of all functions of the company. In 21st century organizations, employees at every level are called upon to perform traditional management roles, including team building, planning, goal setting, organizing, communications, and evaluation. Moreover, the ongoing revolution in technology has transformed the way employees make decisions across all levels of a company’s hierarchy, as well as how they interact personally with customers, suppliers, and managers.

While most organizations send selected employees to external developmental training, a very few enlightened leaders recognize that designing and conducting internal training can be a better choice in terms of the investment in time, as well as control over the outcomes. Most employees have neither been exposed to the tools of management, nor explored the skills required of leaders at every level of an organization.

Our Corporate University program addresses the challenges facing the organization in developing management tools and leadership skills, with the added value of having participants work on products and proposals related to the company’s own business.

Participants are typically chosen from different departments, and are assigned to cross-functional teams of 4, or triads of 3, or dyads of 2 as “collegial partners.”  Together they will attend, either in-class or via webinar, content lectures; discuss case studies, business articles, and videos; explore current events; participate in online discussion forums; and compose professional online journals.

Each team will identify and conduct an analysis of a real-world opportunity or issue facing the company. Once topics are approved by management, teams will create and present their work to selected colleagues and company leaders.

Participants will develop an understanding of the current management challenges, as well as the demands placed upon leaders at every level of an organization in today’s fast-changing domestic and global environment:

·         Effective Communications (Empathic Listening and Responsible Feedback)

·         Establishing Goals and Setting Performance Metrics

·         Managing the 4 Generations in the Workplace

·         Serving the External and Internal Customer

·         Effective Use of Power and Influence

·         Prioritization and Decision-making

·         Continuous Process Improvement

·         Accountability and Delegation

·         Presentation Techniques

·         Employee Development

·         Conflict Management

·         Transition Planning


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